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Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is a combination of search engine marketing (sometimes called SEO), social media interaction along with conventional marketing. Search engine optimization and paid search is of utmost importance. Studies show that 40% of the traffic to Name Brand sites come from search engines. Sites that are not main stream sites average 80% of their traffic from search engines. Social media marketing extends the connection with your customers.

Organic Search Engine Marketing

Organic or natural search engine listings is where your web site is listed on a search engine from the activities of its web crawler. The crawler reads your page, decides the subject of each page and the relevance of your page to other site pages on the same subject (your search engine position). You can make a difference in your organic search engine ranking. First ask yourself, "Why should my page be listed and should it be at the top?" What on your page would make the crawler think it is important? The two top items that influence search engine position are content and referrals. Content helps the crawler decide the subject and referrals set the importance.

Content: include information on your subject to help the visitor, don't just "sell" on your site. See our page on content.

Referrals: get links from high quality sites that are related to your subject matter. If other sites are recommending your site to their visitors then it is presumed they think your site has valuable information. We recommend Linkmachine as a link management tool and use it on many sites.

Pay per Click and Paid Inclusion Search Engine Marketing

Pay per click search placement has a very important place in web site marketing.

  • You get instant results, no waiting for spider ranking results.
  • Great for testing keyword popularity, landing page close rates and other important tests.
  • Sites with sponsored and organic listing on the same search results page average 3 times the traffic.

Social Media and other marketing

Conventional marketing creates brand awareness and additional site traffic. Conventional marketing also aids in organic search engine ranking by creating additional referral links. They take some thought and creativity but are worth the work.

  • Request links from Business Partners, Industry Associations, Friends and Associates.
  • Syndicate your content. Encourage other websites to include your articles/content on their websites as long as they credit you with the article and include a link back to your site.
  • Participate in Forums and Discussion Groups, share your expertise with a signature link to your site.
  • Create press releases.
  • Submit articles for publication on subjects related to your site expertise with a site link in the author signature line.
  • Get active in Social Media. Tweet and follow on Twitter and create a Facebook page.

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