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Web Site Hosting

Our Servers

We only use quality IBM® / Dell® servers which were built for the sole purpose of being a web server. Our servers are powered by Intel® Dual XEON 2.4GHz processors with ultra fast 10,000rpm SCSI drives (RAID-1), 2x512KB cache, 2GB DDR ECC RAM, with a reliable backup solution. We don't overload our servers with thousands of web sites so you can be sure your web site will be lightning fast and extremely reliable. Our data centers use 20 Bandwidth Providers, Tier-1 Bandwidth, and Dual OC-3 & OC-192 connections.

Account Features:

Unlimited Sub-Domains

Unlimited Email Addresses

Unlimited Autoresponders

Unlimited Email Forwarders

Your Own SMTP/POP Server

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Webmail/Catch-All Email 

Perl/CGI-bin/Python Support

PHP with Cache Enabled

mySQL Database

128 Bit SSL Secure Server

MS Frontpage Extensions

Server Side Includes

Password Protect Directories

Customized Error Pages

Pre-Installed CGI Scripts

phpBB + XMB Forum 

Java + PHP Chatroom

Graphical Web Site Statistics

Access to RAW Log Files


Web-based File Manager

Interchange/oSCommerce Cart

Agora Shopping Cart

Search Engine Submit Tool

Daily Data Backups

Email Technical Support


You own Control Panel + Management Help

All of Computer Pages web hosting plans include the sophisticated online cPanel site management tool which gives you the ability to master your online web space and makes the technical aspects of running your site pretty simple. By utilizing the power of this online software you can create e-mail accounts, 404 error pages, sub-domains, mailing lists, and much more. You can also manage your account profile, users, passwords, FTP accounts, files and directories, visitor statistics, and more. There are even more features for advanced users including databases, handlers, and cron jobs. We utilize the industry's most powerful web-based site management tool! At Computer Pages running a website can't be any easier. Never before has controlling your website been this easy, yet intuitive!

Plus! That's not all! All hosting packages include management help by ComputerPages. Use the cPanel yourself or ask us. We can gladly help setup/manage email accounts, backups, error pages and more.

Do it yourself or Managed Services Examples:

  • Add/Remove Email Accounts, Aliases, Forwarders, Auto responders 

  • Setup FTP, Sub-domains, SSL, Chatrooms, CGI scripts 

  • Monitor Resources (disk space, bandwidth) 

  • Real-time Account Statistics and Graphical Site Statistics 

  • MySQL Database Management Interface 

  • Password Protect Directories, 404 Error Pages, Modify MIME Types 

  • Start a Telnet session, Access WebMail, View Active FTP Sessions 

  • Manage, Upload, Download, Delete Files 

Hosting Essentials

Customer Support Center


Server Status

Support Email

Control Panel Login


(example: joe)




To access your web control panel directly, goto:

To access webmail goto:

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