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Make a Web Site
Step by step instruction on building a web site yourself.

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Web Site Construction

Build a Web Site

Computer Pages would like to build your web site. This can include pre-build phases like registering a domain name, drafting a site map, and creating your page layout design.

We have a large number of sample sites that provide a great visual guide of possible site designs. A typical Web Site may include a index page, links page and special/in-depth subject pages. Other common pages are; About Us, photo gallery and a Contact Us form. We work with you to lay out the content in a manor optimal for web sites. Optimal for loading, viewing, navigation and search engine analysis.

Pre-site Setup

To set up a web site we will work with you on the following:

  1. Domain Name, the name people use to find your site. Hosting companies let you add a site name on to theirs (i.e. but in we recommend you register your own site name.

  2. Hosting, a computer continuously tied to the web to store and serve up your pages. Computer Pages servers utilize multiple redundant connections to ensure fast performance and reliable uptime.

  3. Site map, a sketch of what you want to say, on which pages and how visitors will navigate between your content and pages.

  4. Content, develop your message. This is your web site's deliverable, what visitors come to see. The number one element of a successful site. The content tips page expands on content ideas.

Site Essentials

All sites built by Computer Pages are primarily built using standard HTML. This is essential for search engine marketing which we cover in depth on the marketing tips page.

Additionally, we can incorporate add-on services to your site.

Review our sample designs, add-ons and package.

Web Site Sample Designs

Web Site Contents

Web Site add-ons

Web Site Marketing

Web Site Packages

Let ComputerPages help you with your website construction.

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